Artistic Cycling

What is Artistic Cycling

It’s a strange fact that most people in the US have never heard of Artistic Cycling.  You ask why that is so strange? Well, artistic cycling can trace its roots back to the US where cycling acrobatic performers were actually earning an income performing in front of crowds.  It never quite caught on in the States, but it was a big hit in Germany where organized cycling clubs were the hit.  According to the World cycling federation (UCI), the first World Championship was held in 1956.  The sport is prominent in both Europe as well as Asia.  Today, there are over 10,000 licensed artistic cyclists in Germany alone.

Artistic Cycling is an aesthetically pleasing sport to watch indoors.  You can compare it to gymnastics or figure skating.  It combines incredible bicycle handling and graceful gymnastics to provide an impressive demonstration of skill and agility. The components of a program include elements of balance, strength, agility, endurance and control.  Each component of a program has a maximum technical score which is judged by a jury.


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