Michelle was born a dual citizen in 1994.  Her mother is a Germany national, and her father is a veteran of the United States Military.  Michelle was born in Giessen Germany and has lived her whole life in a small township about 35 miles north of Frankfurt.

At an early age, Michelle showed signs of a balance disorder.  She spent many hours working with a physical therapist  to overcome this disorder.  Michelle’s parents enrolled her in the local bicycle club in hopes that the sport could help.  Michelle was inspired by the artistic cyclers, and decided to focus her attentions and efforts toward that sport.

Through her drive and love for the sport, her balance disorders nearly disappeared. Michelle’s competitive nature and hard work paid off with many successes in national competitions.  But it wasn’t all fun and games…

At the age of 14, Michelle suffered multiple breaks in her ankle during training.  Through physical therapy, and hard work, Michelle was able to continue training.  After a few months, she suffered another set back with her ankle and had to have pins and screws set to keep everything in place.  Michelle realized that she probably would never be able to compete again.

Since Michelle could no longer compete, she set her attention towards training new, upcoming talent at the local bike club.  She currently trains about 10 active members in the sport.  Michelle has been nominated to become one of two regional trainers where she holds special workshops once a month to help train other talent in the region.

A few months back, Michelle found out through here bicycle sport group, that it maybe possible for her to participate in the World Championships under her other nationality.  So after a couple of years of rest, Michelle got back on her bike and started training again.

Through correspondence with the World, German and US federations of cycling sports, Michelle was allowed to change here nationality on her license from German to United States.  The US federation of cycling sports has stated that they will allow her to participate.